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live for the first time ever. we'll catch up with brad and his former "moneyball" oscar nominee jonah hill today, wednesday, former "moneyball" oscar nominee jonah hill today, wednesday, february 1, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> touchdown! anp and welcoand welcome t wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >r >> i'm ann curry. good morning. mitt romnp mitt romney wmie nominnominee during his speech florida lap florida last fl reaready tp ready to lerea nation. > >> mitt romne>> mitt romn% of the vor of the votea is a winner take all state. romney had comments on the heated nature of the gop race to date and what it will mean for the general election. we'll talk to him about that and other things ahead. >> also ahead, what's going on with the weather? you can see from our temperature it's 49 degrees on the plaza. about 20 degrees warmer than usual. the question is this unseasonably warm weather, why is it breaking records across much of the country? we'll fill you in on why this is happening and what you can expect today. >> we're going into the 60s today in new yor
brad pitt and jonah hill talked about the struggle to produce the film the "today" show this morning and they also revealed how they kept things fun on the set. >> this thing was arduous undertaking, it almost didn't get made about three times and a lot of people put their jobs on the line to see it through and i'm happy it's paid off. >> i'm wondering, what kind of a boss is brad pitt? >> yeah? >> yeah. a great boss. because he was the producer of the film. like bennett, our director, bennett miller, who is a genius and brad, the brain trust of the film, they were trying to figure out this really intricate book that people said was unfilmable. >> they gave us these golf carts and i had jonah's cart rigged, whenever you turn it on it would blast "wake me up before you go go," all the way to the set. >> if it was just that, but he had it shrink wrapped bright pink, like neon pink. >> no. >> superimposed a picture of me and george michael on the front that said "i love -- i'm jonah hill and i love wham." >> oh. they were cruel. having fun, too. "moneyball," based on the book about oakl
. brad pitt brought his mom and dad. jonah hill brought his mom. i think that's kind of neat. i remember last year, russell brand brought his mom. >> and jessica chastain brought her grandma, which was darling. >> i think that's really sweet. takes some of the pressure off you. if you don't have a date, what the heck, bring mom. >> tell us about the sacha baron cohen. >> in high school, you're a loser you bring your mom. on the oscars, it makes you look like a hero. >> real human being. >> yes. >> tell us about that sacha baron cohen moment. i know it's got tons of play and maybe people are sick of it, but what do you think? >> you know, i think, first of all, i think the whole -- oh, will he, won't he show up as general, i think that was a ploy between the academy and sacha baron cohen. it got great publicity. i don't think ryan seacrest was expecting it. i knew he thought something was going to happen. i don't think he was expecting that. he didn't look -- i mean, he's a pro. ryan's a pro. but he looked a little -- just a little miffed. >> yes, he did. >> he sure did. >> what about bil
jonah. >> he did his own stunts. he was a great baby. yeah. no babies are harmed. we filmed it on a green screen in my friend's back yard. >> reporter: from the back yard to the big screen and this year on the internet looking to maximize the $3.5 million average cost for a 30-second commercial a lot of advertisers launched previews or full runs early online. >> you want people commenting on those ads and tweeting about the ads. >> reporter: even if they act like they don't want that attention. >> you're still here? do you have anything better to do? go on. get going. go. >> reporter: jay gray, nbc news, indianapolis. >> what about elton john at the very beginning? pepsi for everyone. i like that one. >> they're just great commercials. that's why we love the super bowl so much. it's just something, you know, we all get together for. >> that's right. >> one day it'll be us. >>> as far as weather is concerned the next couple, not any time soon? sorry. as we look out there, 55 on tuesday. tomorrow. beautiful. and then watching out for the mix on wednesday. may come in a little
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)